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Whats Crack-A-Lacking?



So it has been rather quiet over in this corner of the world wide web lately; school is consuming a rather large part of our time… (sigh….) That is okay though, because we are now on February vacation! That means lots of cooking, as well as a future photo shoot, (crossing my fingers it does not rain) followed by a trip to a neighboring state to visit family, oh and wait, did I mention lots of cooking? 🙂

Here is just a tiny peak of the bright (and not so bright) ideas we have had so far this week… enjoy and come back soon for the full stories! (because they are totally worth knowing!)

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Are you on winter break? If so, stay warm!

-Ziggy and Zola


Outfit Número Dos





Today was one of those days that I am just reallllllyyyy missing spring. I asked my cute lil’ sis if i could borrow her extra cute scarf, and snap some pictures of me at the end of the day. So here we are now, with some semi- blurry pictures in the freezing cold, near an old wood pile.  Lovely. Anyways, one may ask, ” Ziggy, why did you wear cuffed up jeans, and a spring scarf during winter? Are you crazy?” The answer is no, i just have a theory! (Don’t laugh… Zola did when I told her this and I will never forgive her, well maybe i will…) I am going to attempt to confuse mother nature, I will start wearing spring-ish clothing and Mother Nature will be like, “Wait, why is that cute girl wearing spring clothes? It is still winter!” She will then think she forgot to change seasons because she was to busy watching me suffer in the cold.  She will change the seasons and I will be the happiest person ever!

I hope you join me in my plot against mother nature, or whoever controls the seasons! What happens to be your favorite season? I’m sure you can tell that mine is spring!

Happy Wednesday!!!


Just another day….

IMG_0081 IMG_0084 IMG_0069 IMG_0055

So I have made it my mission to take full advantage of the excessive amount of unworn clothing in my closet.  With that said, I did something I don’t normally do * drum roll please* I wore a shirt that is longer then ‘normal’.  A shirt that could actually be considered a tunic… Pretty fancy huh?  Normally I don’t wear long shirts because I am not exactly sure how I like them… But, I did it and everyone in school loved it!  It always feels really special to receive and give compliments.  Now remember as you take a look at this outfit I threw together, I am certainly not a fashion-y person but I do try to get creative every now and then 🙂

Happy Monday!


Just Keep Runnin’


So now that is has kind of warmed up (it was thirty degrees today!), and the sun has come back out, Zola and I are going to begin running again! Hopefully at the end of this journey, bathing suit season will be in full swing and we will look hotter then ever! We bundled up for this run with scarfs and gloves, despite the fact that we are both wearing capris… :/  Anyways, I decided to share my voice with Zola on this run, and sing her all of the songs I was listening to because she forgot to bring her iPod (i bet she won’t do that again.)  The song of the day was by good ol’ Kelly Clarkson(Zolas least favorite)! Dark side is one of the many songs I like, but Zola hates.  Stay tuned for the song of the run tomorrow!


Rock Climbing!

So today was an awesome day! I went rock climbing at a small rock climbing gym near my town called Stone Age Rock Gym and it went amazing! I didn’t realize how much fun I would have! I recommend it to anyone who wants a) a good workout and b) a good time! So so much fun!


30 Day Challange


My Cousin took this picture while on his way to work one morning. One word describes it- COLD.

So I have took it upon myself to postpone the thirty day challenge for the week, and restart next Monday, it has been quite chilly here in my small town.  It is silly that I can not just suck it up and run in the cold, but four degrees is wayyyyyyy to cold.  Stay Warm wherever you are out there! 🙂


School is on my mind….

My Schedule

  • This Saturday I have the SAT’s.
  • Tuesday I have a vocabulary test.
  • Wednesday I have an appositives test in English-my least favorite subject.
  • Friday I have a math test on inverse trigonometric functions. (what are those??? :/)
  • May 10th I have my AP English, and my AP Statistics exams… on the day of prom….
  • Thursday 4 dialectical journals are due on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.
  • Monday i have a test on The Jungle, and chapter 16 section 1&2 in my American History book for history class.

I am drowning in tests.  Oh golly…. Hopefully nobody pulls a pop quiz on me…

Luckily Zola and I are planning a kick butt surprise, and this cold streak is almost over! Yippee!

The best of luck to you on all of your tests 🙂