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Midterms/finals roll around twice a year, and let me tell you, I love it!

Most people dread the long hours of studying followed by the long exams but i have no problem taking a test that is over in the blink of an eye and getting to go back to the place i call home two and a half hours earlier then usual.

In my small town, you take two, two hour long tests a day for four days and BAM! you are done.  Leaving school at 12:00 leaves time for lunch plans with friends, much needed stress relieving dance parties, and baking with my bud.

One other bonus, this year i only need to take three of my midterms because i am exempt from the others!

How do i study may you ask?

1. Find a quiet place to lay your books, although this is tough to do, i stay after school with my english teacher and get loads of work done.

2. Save only what you need to study with throughout the year, if you are unsure save it anyways. Looking over old tests are the best way to finagle your way into a teachers head, because they want to do as little work as possible just like you and i so they will probably copy questions from tests and change the numbers around a little.

3. Don’t get nervous. (I am very guilty of doing this) everything will be okay in the end, worse come to worse you do poorly, that simply means you have to try harder next time to balance out the grade.

Good luck to all my fellow test takers. 🙂



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