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Today was one of those days that I am just reallllllyyyy missing spring. I asked my cute lil’ sis if i could borrow her extra cute scarf, and snap some pictures of me at the end of the day. So here we are now, with some semi- blurry pictures in the freezing cold, near an old wood pile.  Lovely. Anyways, one may ask, ” Ziggy, why did you wear cuffed up jeans, and a spring scarf during winter? Are you crazy?” The answer is no, i just have a theory! (Don’t laugh… Zola did when I told her this and I will never forgive her, well maybe i will…) I am going to attempt to confuse mother nature, I will start wearing spring-ish clothing and Mother Nature will be like, “Wait, why is that cute girl wearing spring clothes? It is still winter!” She will then think she forgot to change seasons because she was to busy watching me suffer in the cold.  She will change the seasons and I will be the happiest person ever!

I hope you join me in my plot against mother nature, or whoever controls the seasons! What happens to be your favorite season? I’m sure you can tell that mine is spring!

Happy Wednesday!!!



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