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Like any other group of teenage friends, Zola and I get together to have sleepovers every now and then. Normally another friend joins us but she was M.I.A. this time. *cough Mishell cough* Anyways this past sleepover consisted of me staying up wayyyyyyy to late, Zola staying up even later (she is a night owl) and lots of laughing while brainstorming things to do and talk about on this good ol’blog. Any suggestions? And recipes you would like us to try out? Or projects? Or even challenges? Feel free to let us know- (we won’t bite ;))


A Surprise is Coming

mishka and zola

Just a few years back, our dear ol’ friend Mishell was torn from our home town and planted in a neighboring town about thirty minutes away.  Not being able to drive at the time, we were at odds because the quick five minute drive for our parents to bring us to visit her, turned into an agonizing trip that every one dreaded.

The good news it that we are going to visit her tomorrow! She is anticipating our arrival at 5:00p.m. but a surprise pick up from school will throw her off and hopefully please her.
Due to midterms Zola and I are lucky enough to have this Friday off, so we are free to do as we please. We have never surprised Mishell with anything like this, so we are not sure how she will react, but come on- wouldn’t you be excited to see us at the end of the day to have a blast and hang out? I hope she is as excited as we are. Wish us luck in following through in our surprise.

Have a fun friday!