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Just Keep Runnin’


So now that is has kind of warmed up (it was thirty degrees today!), and the sun has come back out, Zola and I are going to begin running again! Hopefully at the end of this journey, bathing suit season will be in full swing and we will look hotter then ever! We bundled up for this run with scarfs and gloves, despite the fact that we are both wearing capris… :/  Anyways, I decided to share my voice with Zola on this run, and sing her all of the songs I was listening to because she forgot to bring her iPod (i bet she won’t do that again.)  The song of the day was by good ol’ Kelly Clarkson(Zolas least favorite)! Dark side is one of the many songs I like, but Zola hates.  Stay tuned for the song of the run tomorrow!